Check ✓ - A Beautiful Checklist


Check ✓ is an iPad and iPhone list manager that is as simple as it is beautiful. Set in Futura, on simulated stacks of paper, even the most mundane lists come to life as works of art. Finally, your lists can be beautiful.  Get it on the App Store.

Check ✓ will sync your lists between your devices using Apple's iCloud service. So wherever you are, you can have your shopping lists, to-do lists, bucket lists, or whatever other list you can think of.

With Check ✓, you can email your lists to friends, families, bosses, Mothers-in-law, doctors, engineers, garbage men ... and the list goes on!

  1. You will be amazed as Check ✓ makes you at least 6,000 times more efficient in every aspect of your day-to-day life!*

  2. Your jaw will feel excruciating pain, as it drops to the floor when Check ✓ makes you new friends, and gives you more power over old ones.*

  3. You’ll look back on your pre-Check ✓ life as a distant ghost of a reflection of a dream, as you become a stronger, smarter, faster, sexier version of yourself than you ever thought possible.*

  4. A mind-numbing satisfaction will take hold, when you realize that you are better than over 99% of the population* (until they buy Check ✓ as well).

Check ✓ will do all of these things, and more.Don’t just take my word for it, to quote Mahatma Gandhi: “I love [Check ✓]”.

Words to live by.

For questions or assistance, drop me a line at:

*Results not typical

†Or it may do none of them

‡We believe 66% of a quotation conveys 99% of the message